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EA Exam Preparation Self-study course

The time to become an EA is NOW!


  • Focus on topics most often tested
  • Learn more in less time
  • Overcome test-taking fears
  • Memorization tips and tricks
  • Test-taking techniques
  • Small class size
  • Intense instruction and immediate application

Comments from past students...  

“Your little tips and tricks and ways of explaining things (stories) were really good. And it was fun!”

“It was your enthusiasm, thoroughness and caring teaching style that really helped me pass the test.”

“Couldn’t have done it without you. And I keep reminding classmates to use those tactics. They work!!!”

Motivation to get it done!!!


You don't have to spend hundreds of hours studying to pass!

Get the confidence you need to do it!

No need to retain information for weeks or months!

Just $849 if you buy all 3 parts


Part 1 Individuals - $449

IRS Course # UD2VU-P-00068-19-S

CTEC Course # 1008-CE-1096

Part 2 Businesses - $599

IRS Course # UD2VU-P-00069-19-S

CTEC Course # 1008-CE-1097

Part 3 Representation, Practice & Procedures - $299

IRS Course # UD2VU-E-00060-19-S

CTEC Course # 1008-CE-1085

Beginner level     Prerequisites: none

If you do not pass using the 2019 self-study course, you can attend the July - August 2020 live seminars offered in San Diego, Orange County, or Las Vegas (or Northern CA if a location is added there) at no charge!

5 federal CPE hours for Parts 1 & 2.  2 Ethics CPE hours for Part 3

Registration fee includes Fast Forward Academy book, audio recording, and practice question packet.

Class registration fee does NOT include fees to take the tests.

 (You will pay direct to Prometric for test administration.)

Textbook will be shipped to you as soon as  you register so you can begin studying!

Questions? Contact us

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This seminar is designed to meet the requirements for 5 hours of federal tax law for Part 1, 5 hours of federal tax law for Part 2, and 2 hours of Ethics for Part 3 (final exam required with passing grade of 70%) for CRTPs and tax return preparers.  EAs do not receive credit. This seminar has been designed to meet the requirements  of the California Tax Education Council.  This does not constitute endorsement by the CTEC as to the quality of the course or its contribution to the professional competence of the preparer.  Also, we have entered into an agreement with the Office of the Director of Practice, Internal Revenue Service, to meet the requirements of 31 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 10.6(g), covering maintenance of attendance records, retention of program outlines, qualifications of instructors and length of class hours.  This agreement does not constitute an endorsement by the Director of Practice as to the quality of the program or its contribution to the professional competence of the enrolled individual. For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints or refunds, contact Brass Tax at (858) 487-2553.

2019 Course Numbers

IRS CPE Course Numbers:

*    EA Exam Prep Course - Part 1  UD2VU-P-00068-19-IS

*    EA Exam Prep Course - Part 2  UD2VU-P-00069-19-S

*    EA Exam Prep Self Study - Part 3  UD2VU-E-00060-19-S

CTEC Course Numbers:

*    EA Exam Prep Course - Part 1    1008-CE-0096

*    EA Exam Prep Course - Part 2   1008-CE-1097

*    EA Exam Prep Self Study - Part 3   1008-CE-1085