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Dear Brass Tax Presentations,

I was looking at the Updates to 2023 Returns book and on page 203 & 204 there is the topic of Partnerships electing out of the Centralized Audit Regime for IRS audits. After reading this section, it looks like I need to amend our partnership returns for 2022 because we did not make this election for our clients.

I looked at the 2022 Form 8082 using our Lacerte program and tried to fill it out but not all of the form is filled out even though I’ve entered the information on the Input Screens (23- Passthrough K-1s section- Notice of Inconsistent Treatment or Amended Return).

Can you give me an example of what the Form 8082 should look like if I ONLY want to make the Election to opt out of the CPAR (with no other changes to the return)?

Thank you!


From Brass Tax Presentations

The election out of the Centralized Partnership Audit Regime must be made on a timely filed return (including extensions). Sometimes, elections like these will provide automatic late-filing relief up to the extended due date of the return, but we are well past that date for the 2022 tax year. Because of that, there is no way to make the election out for the 2022 tax year using the Form 8082 or other form/statement. If you want to elect out of the regime, you’ll have to do so on the 2023 partnership return.

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